A comunidade brasileira de desenvolvimento e programação de jogos.
A GameDev nasceu para representar a força do Brasil em desenvolvimento de jogos, aqui é o lugar de quem adora jogar e ama fazer jogos, de qualquer tamanho ou qualidade, para qualquer propósito, o importante é a informação compartilhada e o divertimento de todos. Aqui qualquer um pode soltar a sua imaginação para o público sem custo nenhum, um canal de divulgação sem fronteiras.
Dar vida a um byte não é milagre, é arte!


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  • Clique aqui para cursos de computação gráfica, 3D e games! Clique aqui para cursos de computação gráfica, 3D e games!
  • Programação de Jogos Android, crie seu próprio game engine! Programação de Jogos Android, crie seu próprio game engine!

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Jamon Brown , but fans are sure to be excited to see how intense the scrimmage will get given the fiery personalities that this team now contains.
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, Patrick Mahomes is an MVP candidate and the Chiefs only trail the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots in odds to win the Super Bowl. But Reid isn’t thinking about the end of the season—all he cares about right now is defeating the Jacksonville Jaguars, who the Chiefs take on Sunday.I asked Reid about this approach earlier this week.“I was kind of raised that way,” Reid said. “Not that it’s coach-talk, but it’s an important element of the game. You start getting out in front of yourself in this thing and it’s a humbling business. You’re playing against the best in the world, so you’ve got to make sure that you’re sharp. There are not a lot of secrets anymore with the access, so you’ve got to really hone in and make sure that you’re at the top of your game. It’s not just me, it’s everybody here on the football team, coaches and players. It’s real, it’s not something I just throw out there as coach-talk, it’s a real thing, so we try to do t...
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Are you ready , which came back in 2015 with the Raiders. It would seem that most of APC feels pretty good about Bryan Bulaga and David Bakhtiari being able to keep him from taking over the game, despite Akiem Hicks’ comments to the contrary.Let us know your predictions for the Packers’ opener, whether straight up or against the spread — the line is currently Packers -7.5 and the over/under total is 47.5.Week 2 NFL PicksGameTexJasonPeterKrisBobJon BJon MJordanMatubMikePaulShawnWendiZachAPC PickGameTexJasonPeterKrisBobJon BJon MJordanMatubMikePaulShawnWendiZachAPC PickCheese Curds 8/14: Aaron Charles Rodgers in charge This just in: Aaron Rodgers runs the show in Green Bay.While that might be obvious to even the most casual football fan, Rodgers has been everywhere this week or rather, his words have been. The Green Bay Packers quarterback gave his thoughts on a variety of topics this week from developing chemistry with his new star tight end to calling out his young wide receiver...
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In a game filled with injuries , the covering of tight ends by the back seven defenders seems to be a prevailing ailment. Indianapolis employs two capable players at the position in Jack Doyle and Eric Ebron. Oh, and Doyle had quite the stat line against the Bengals last year with 12 catches for 121 yards and a touchdown reception. Should we let bygones be bygones, though?I’ve wavered back-and-forth on the outcome of this game. When it comes to the Cincinnati Bengals, it’s easy to be a stone-cold cynic and those old feelings from following this franchise for 30 years are easy to come by. In that vein, it’s becomes second-nature to concoct a visualization of Luck coming back from injury and torturing the Bengals as he did a few years earlier in the 2014 Wild Card round. The NFL loves a good story line, and few Week 1 narratives would have the gravitas of Luck coming back to an NFL game after being away for over a year and mopping the floor with an AFC contemporary. Season-openers...
ylq "Miss, welcome you to 2110
"Miss, welcome you to 2110, I am your entourage, you don't know, the Chinese economy is getting better and better, the more the chemical plant is built, the more money you can make!" A gentle and cheerful The sound is remembered from my ear.followed Xiaoyou and went to visit a nearby chemical factory with great interest... Suddenly, a disgusting pungent smell rushed to the front, causing me to cough. That's right! This is --- chemical plant! There was a small river on the edge of the factory. The river was full of rubbish. The river had turned black and gray, with a white layer of foamy things. I can't help but take a look at it... The more the chemical plant is built, the more developed the economy is, but it takes us a lot of money for humanity! ������The crystal clear river disappeared, the tall and tall trees disappeared... I looked up, the sky was gray, the fog was filled, and there was a trace of the blue sky? Where is the shadow of the bird? I looked down a...

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